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privacy policy

miguelangeldealba.comprotects the personal information provided by its Users (the "Information"). For the above,miguelangeldealba.comhas established the following guidelines to protect it, as far as possible, which may change at any time, so we suggest consulting them periodically.


1. Personal Information Requested

miguelangeldealba.comwill request personal information from Users of the Services, in order to provide them with a personalized experience in the use of the Services it provides, to enable our advertisers to reach appropriate audience groups, and to generate databases thatmiguelangeldealba.comwill use for different commercial purposes.

The Information requested includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address (e-mail), date of birth, gender, occupation, country and city of origin, and personal interests, among others. Not all the Information requested from the User when registering for the services ofmiguelangeldealba.comIt must be provided in a mandatory manner, except for what it deems appropriate and so informs the User at the time of registration.

miguelangeldealba.comwill request that Information at the time the User registers as an affiliate, wants to participate in contests or promotions sponsored bymiguelangeldealba.comor by third parties, in surveys or when Users send advertisements, etc.

Users must freely and voluntarily determine if they wish to provide the required personal data, with the understanding that if they choose not to provide the Information considered mandatory, they will not be able to access the services for which said Information is required. However, the User may have access to services that do not require such Information.


2. Privacy

miguelangeldealba.comuses the most advanced technology at its disposal to protect the Information provided by the Users of its Services. This technology encrypts, scrambles, and prevents the interception of information supplied over the Internet, including credit card and email addresses.

miguelangeldealba.comcontains hyperlinks or hypertexts (“links”), banners, buttons and search tools on the World Wide Web that, when pressed or used by Users, lead to other Internet portals or sites owned by third parties.

Although in some cases these third-party sites or portals are framed with the navigation bar, the Information that the User could provide through these sites or portals is not covered or contemplated by this privacy policy, so its management or use is not the responsibility ofmiguelangeldealba.comTherefore, we recommend checking the privacy policies displayed or applicable to third-party sites or portals.

Users will find, pages, promotions, virtual stores, surveys, job boards and other services shared with third parties ("Shared Sites"), which may request Information from them.

The Information that the User provides in those Shared Sites is subject to the privacy policies or Information responsibility legends that are displayed in said Shared Sites, and not to this privacy policy.

miguelangeldealba.comwill only be responsible for the handling of Information provided on Shared Sites in the event that this responsibility is expressly specified and to the extent determined in the privacy policies displayed on Shared Sites, for which reason we highly recommend Users to review the policies in detail. privacy or liability legends for Shared Sites.

miguelangeldealba.commay disclose the Information provided by its Users to third parties, including sponsors, advertisers, contractors and/or business partners.

miguelangeldealba.comwill also collect information derived from the tastes, preferences and use made by Users of the Services. Such information may be used for various business purposes, such as providing statistical data to potential advertisers; send advertising to Users according to their specific interests; conduct marketing research, and other activities or promotions thatmiguelangeldealba.comconsider appropriate.

miguelangeldealba.comYou may also disclose Information when required by law and/or competent authority, or by considering in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to:

I)      comply with legal processes;

II)    comply with the User Agreement;

III)   respond to claims involving any Content that undermines the rights of third parties, or,

IV)  protect the rights, property, or safety of, its Users, and the general public.

miguelangeldealba.comwarns its Users that some of the Portal Services are open forums and are not monitored, including but not limited to:

I)      discussion forums;

II)    personal Internet pages;

III)   advertisements;

IV)  email, and,

V)    chat rooms, therefore, all Information that Users reveal through said services may be used or viewed by third parties, which is whymiguelangeldealba.comwill not be responsible for the use, publication or disclosure of Information that the Users of said services provide. We recommend users to be careful and responsible for the Information they are going to provide.

Despitemiguelangeldealba.comincorporates the highest technology to safeguard user Information, there is no completely secure system that can prevent the Information from being obtained or intercepted by third parties, illegally or without authorization. Consequently,miguelangeldealba.comcannot guarantee that the Information provided by users is completely protected.

miguelangeldealba.comalso reserves the right to assign the Information provided by users to any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, current or those that are established or acquired in the future.


3. Use of "cookies" and "IP addresses"

The data servermiguelangeldealba.comwill send data to the user's browser to be stored on the hard drive of your computer and allow the computers used to access the portal to be identified. This is known as the use of "cookies" or "IP addresses", through whichmiguelangeldealba.comYou can provide a more personalized service, since it allows you to offer advertising and promotional campaigns, measure the size of the audience and the flow of traffic on the different sites that the User visits. "Cookies" or "IP addresses" do not identify users, but they do identify their computers.


4. Information on Children under 13 years of age residing in the United States of America and its territories.

miguelangeldealba.comdoes not collect Information from Users under the age of 13 residing in the United States or its territories.

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or have any questions about them, please contact us at

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